Group Therapy

Finding Solutions Through Support and Empathy

Ottawa group therapy for various issues, especially sex addiction, is an important process as it allows people to work alongside others and gain insight into their own issues by hearing about the struggles and successes of others in the group. The group is confidential and therapeutic as it is always led by one to two trained therapists. Group therapy is guided by a therapists in Ottawa: it has some teaching, cross-talk is encouraged, accountability is key, and there is a process and goal you are being directed towards. There are several options, presented below, to make sure that you or your loved one gains valuable help from the Ottawa group therapy sessions. For privacy reasons, many of these groups are formed for specific types of clients, and are created on an on-demand basis.

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Reclaiming Sexual Integrity Program

recovery group therapyThe Reclaiming Sexuality (RS) program involves group and individual therapy in Ottawa as part of discovering healthy sexuality. Sexuality is so much more than just sex and it is an integral part of who we are as human beings. The program is based on Dr. Patrick Carnes’ task-centered model presented in 16 week cycles.

Facing The Shadow (Stage One)

Facing the Shadow is a 16-week, task-centered program to help Ottawa participants examine their own sexual history and behaviours and learn skills to identify high-risk situations and counter them with healthy coping.

The first stage follows a BUD task structure:
Breaking through any remaining denial,
Understanding better the nature of addiction,
and enacting Damage control.

It follows a seven step process that is built upon a culture of support within the group, and can be repeated as necessary before moving on to Stage Two.

Recovery Zone Level One (Stage Two)

Having completed the Facing the Shadow workbook in Stage One, the client begins a new cycle of therapy while utilizing the Recovery Zone Vol. 1 workbook. In this stage, the goals include, but are not limited to, helping the client:

  • Face Grief and Shame
  • Understand Multiple Addictions
  • Acknowledge Cycles of Abuse

Facing Heartbreak Group (FHG)

In Ottawa partners, family members and close friends of a person with sex addiction (or similar issues) often face their own trials and problems. Sometimes the discovery of the addicted person’s behaviours can itself feel traumatic. This can lead to hyper-vigilance, loss of sleep or appetite and numerous other symptoms. Do not wait for the addicted person to get help before helping yourself. Doing so only leads to keeping you subject to their behaviours. You may benefit from FACING HEARTBREAK GROUP (FHG).

This Ottawa based group will help a partner or family member or close friend of a sex addict to work through their own shock and grief often felt upon discovery of the addiction. A workbook by the same name of FACING HEARTBREAK will be utilized to help the participant work through various steps in order to build healthy boundaries and process the pain and sense of betrayal. The group works on a 16 week cycle with the option of continuing on another 16 week cycle if requested.

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Recovering Couples Group (RCG)

This group helps Ottawa couples who have individually completed a course of individual and group therapy and now need direction to bring final closure to the 30 tasks and to begin the path to a healthy, sexual relationship together.

Christian Options

Christians face a particular struggle around the issues of infidelity, pornography and other sexual behaviours that conflict with their Christian identity.

Our therapists offer separate Christian therapy groups for individuals and their partners.

The therapy group uses “Shadows of the Cross” workbook to show Christians how their faith, beliefs, and spiritual practices can support their recovery.

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With The Whitestone Clinic’s Medicard financing program, you can get the therapy you need without having to pay the full amount up-front.

We understand that sometimes you can’t wait for the therapy you need now. That’s why this program allows you to still receive care, all while being able to pay over time.

If the cost of your therapy is more than your budget or insurance provider allows for, this program is a viable option as payments don’t need to be made up-front. For example, if you have used up your allotted coverage for the year, this program carries over into a new calendar year, allowing you to claim it once your insurance plan starts fresh.

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