Paul Safi

Paul Safi

Paul Safi, RP (Qualifying)

Intake Counsellor

Setting up a Jane app profile is a great first step. Please ensure you book your free consult here with our intake counsellor BEFORE booking a first session with this therapist.

Introducing Paul Safi: Your Compassionate Intake and Intern Counsellor

Embarking on a journey towards improved mental well-being and personal growth starts with a meaningful connection, and at The Whitestone Clinic, we’re thrilled to have Paul Safi as an integral part of our team. As an affordable counsellor with a wealth of experience and the assurance of expert supervision, Paul is dedicated to helping you find the path to healing and transformation.

Your First Step to Positive Change

When considering counselling services, take that crucial first step by connecting with Paul Safi, our dedicated practicum counsellor. Before exploring other options within our clinic, arrange a consultation with Paul, who is passionate about guiding you towards a more fulfilling life.

A Guide to Emotional Exploration

If you’re seeking a counsellor who truly understands the intricacies of navigating emotional landscapes, Paul Safi is your go-to professional. Despite facing multiple challenges on his own life journey, including legal blindness, Paul has achieved remarkable entrepreneurial successes. His unique insights into the human psyche are nothing short of extraordinary.

Experience Empathy and Understanding

Paul’s approach to counselling is characterized by warmth, understanding, and deep empathy. You can rest assured that your concerns will be met with respect and consideration throughout your therapeutic journey. Paul’s personal experiences have gifted him with a profound ability to connect on a meaningful level, offering you a truly rewarding and exceptional counselling experience.

Unveil Clarity, Direction, and Healing

Benefit from Paul’s adept support and discover newfound clarity, direction, and healing. Drawing from evidence-backed therapeutic techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focused therapy, and mindfulness-based interventions, Paul employs a client-centric methodology tailored to your unique needs. For those who prefer a faith-oriented approach, Paul is also equipped to cater to your spiritual preferences.

Guided by Expert Oversight

Rest easy knowing that Paul is under the vigilant supervision of established professionals, including Michael Browning, CRPO Reg. Number 006975, and Linda Goonewardene, CRPO Registration No. 005098. Their guidance ensures that Paul continues to refine his skills and expand his knowledge for your benefit.

Embrace Change with Paul Safi

We’re thrilled to welcome Paul Safi to The Whitestone Clinic in August 2023. His passion, empathy, and dedication make him a valuable addition to our team. CRPO Licence # 15040

Take the step toward positive transformation today by scheduling a consultation with Paul Safi. Your journey to a brighter future starts here.