Couple Therapy


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Help Your Relationship Thrive

Couples, whether dating, engaged, common-law or married, are all likely to experience some struggles with communication at times in their relationships. When reoccurring arguments boil over or serious life decisions arise, large amounts of strain and stress can be placed on the relationship. This can lead to increasing conflict and a major lack of communication. If this sounds like a familiar cycle to you, Whitestone Clinic's couples therapy is the next step. Our trained therapists will help you and your partner find an improved way to communicate and grow.



The Benefits Of Couples Therapy

Every couple experiences bumps along the road. When these bumps become a constant occurrence or last for long periods of time, it may be time to explore the benefits of relationship counselling. While many couples are often nervous or ashamed at the thought of going to therapy, it can be the difference between a relationship that thrives or a relationship that ends. The Whitestone Clinic and our trained therapists are here to help all Ottawa couples regain their happy and strong relationship.

The Whitestone Clinic's Couples Therapy Can Help

Many couples are hesitant to try couples therapy (also called relationship counselling or marriage counselling). It is important to know that couples therapy takes place in a safe space, where clients can delve into self-discovery, learn tools to overcome their struggles and communication differences, and ultimately find a way to put a relationship back on track. If you're tired of hoping the conflict will pass, take the first step and reach out to the therapists at Ottawa's Whitestone Clinic.

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