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Couples, whether dating, engaged, common-law or married, are all likely to experience some struggles with communication at times in their relationships.

Couples experience times of negative interaction, which is normal in any relationship. However, when reoccurring arguments boil over or serious life decisions arise large amounts of stress can be placed on the relationship. This can lead to increasing conflict and a major lack of communication. If this sounds familiar to you, Whitestone Clinic’s couples therapy is the next step. Our trained therapists will help you and your partner communicate and grow.

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The Benefits Of Couple Therapy

Every couple experiences bumps along the road, however if these bumps become a constant occurrence or begin lasting long periods of time, it may be time for couples therapy. Many couples are nervous or ashamed of the thought of going to therapy, but it can be the difference between a relationship thriving or ending.

Whether the issue lies with communication, addictions or a number of other stressors, The Whitestone Clinic and our trained therapists in Ottawa are here to help all couples regain their happy and strong relationship.

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Many couples are hesitant to try couples therapy, but in almost every case talking to a professional therapists in person or online can help.

Couples therapy can assist you in communicating differently with your partner, allowing you to get your relationship back on track. This is a much healthier path than just wishing for the conflict to pass or your partner to change. Our couples therapists are here to help guide you.

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The Whitestone Clinic offers an intensive couple therapy program for couples impacted by sex addiction. In the program, the couple flows through key steps of therapy timed for effective recovery from sex addiction and healing from betrayal trauma. Important stages include initial couple assessment, followed by individual work on addiction recovery and healing from betrayal trauma, dovetailing with the crucial work of preparing, delivering, and receiving the recovering addict’s Disclosure Statement and the partner’s Impact Statement. In the final phase, the couple begins intensive couple work to repair their damaged relationship, rebuild intimacy and healthy sexuality, and Return to Love.
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New clients can book a FREE 25 minute phone
session with Chelsea, your intake counsellor.

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