Joshua Tan

joshua tan counsellor

Joshua Tan, RP (Qualifying)

BA (Philosophy and Religious Studies), MA (Philosophy of Religion), MA Student in Counselling Psychology
Practicum Intern & Intake Counsellor

Accepting New Clients

Joshua is a compassionate, genuine, and analytical psychotherapist that draws from psychodynamic theories (tying unconscious processes from early life to current conscious thinking) and the cognitive behavioral framework (which views thoughts as the underlying reason people experience unhelpful emotions, maladaptive behaviors, and unpleasant bodily responses).

Joshua’s previous education in counselling psychology, philosophy, and religious studies have also fostered a strong background in understanding human behaviors, critical thinking, and spirituality. He is able to effectively draw from this academic background to meet clients at their level of thinking and feeling by creating a safe and trusting atmosphere through a strong therapeutic relationship that is founded on the client’s personal beliefs and values.

Joshua also has extensive work experience with vulnerable demographics exposed to trauma and general mental health concerns (including those with intellectual disabilities, at-risk youth, individuals experiencing homelessness, and substance abuse), which brings a practical outlook to difficulties that individuals may undergo.

In turn, Joshua’s primary approach is to understand the client’s unique experiences while collaborating with the client to identify the point where certain mental health difficulties began. This means processing any lingering emotions, nurturing the client’s confidence and sense of worth in order to draw from their latent strengths and insights, and then directing these strengths towards a more effective and compassionate solution to the presenting difficulties at hand.

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