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Group Therapy

Group Therapy programs guided by The Whitestone Clinic provide a safe space for people to communicate and learn. Whether for sex addiction, depression, or any other therapy focus, Group Therapy is a process that allows people to learn from the stories and struggles of those around them, letting them understand that they are not alone.

Couples Therapy

With the help of one of our therapists, Couples Therapy can help both partners find a way to improve their relationship. Couples affected by sex addiction can learn to cope and understand the causes and treatments for sex addiction. Those suffering from a lack of communication, another common issue within relationships, can also find help to overcome their struggles

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is an option which allows clients to receive one-on-one treatment with a counsellor. Individual Therapy provides a safe space where clients can delve into self-discovery, learn tools to overcome their struggles, and ultimately venture forth on the road to healing and recovery.
When approaching sex addiction and counselling, The contracted therapists at The Whitestone Clinic understand the need for discretion and patience. Our therapists approach every client according to their needs and counselling requirements. By offering couples counselling, individual counselling, and group therapy, our therapists are able to offer the best means of counselling to each and every client. Whether you or a loved one are suffering from compulsive sexual behaviour, depression, anxiety, or unfaithfulness, we understand the privacy and discretion required during this difficult time. Contact us today to experience our approach first hand.
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The Whitestone Clinic also offers general counselling to those within the Ottawa area. We offer a variety of services, including depression and anxiety counselling. Our service providers include trained professionals who can help and treat many types of psychological issues, through group, individual or couples therapy. If you are suffering due to a psychological issue, contact The Whitestone Clinic today and begin to take back your life. You deserve it.
Sexual addiction negatively impacts the one struggling with addiction, but also affects loved ones. Intimate Partners may experience strong PTSD symptoms, which call for professional counselling to achieve effective healing and recovery from Partner Trauma. Most partners experience highly emotional reactions upon discovery, such as feelings of sadness, anger, and betrayal, and many struggle with feelings of shame or self-blame. This can prevent them from reaching out for the help they need for recovery and self-care, as they focus on carrying the burden of taking care of family while urging the sex addicted partner to seek the professional help they need. But it is important for partners to find a good support system to help them find healing.
Discovering or accepting problematic sexual behaviour can lead to serious trust traumas in loved ones, especially if infidelity has come into play. If you or a loved one are troubled by sex addiction, Whitestone Clinic can help you Return to Love. Trained sex addiction counsellors provide an understanding ear and the tools you need to find a healthy way of relating to others and yourself. We understand the struggles you are facing and are here to help.

Please Note The Whitestone Clinic does not provide medical or psychiatric care, nor do we offer treatment or care for the issue of pedophilia.

With The Whitestone Clinic’s Medicard financing program, you can get the therapy you need without having to pay the full amount up-front.

We understand that sometimes you can’t wait for the therapy you need now. That’s why this program allows you to still receive care, all while being able to pay over time.

If the cost of your therapy is more than your budget or insurance provider allows for, this program is a viable option as payments don’t need to be made up-front. For example, if you have used up your allotted coverage for the year, this program carries over into a new calendar year, allowing you to claim it once your insurance plan starts fresh.

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The Whitestone Clinic offers an intensive couple therapy program for couples impacted by sex addiction. In the program, the couple flows through key steps of therapy timed for effective recovery from sex addiction and healing from betrayal trauma. Important stages include initial couple assessment, followed by individual work on addiction recovery and healing from betrayal trauma, dovetailing with the crucial work of preparing, delivering, and receiving the recovering addict’s Disclosure Statement and the partner’s Impact Statement. In the final phase, the couple begins intensive couple work to repair their damaged relationship, rebuild intimacy and healthy sexuality, and Return to Love.

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