Our Counselling Fees

How Our Fees Work

The Whitestone Clinic is a fee for service counselling centre, which provides individual, couple, family, and group therapy. Some of our contracted counsellors are psychologist supervised, however most insurance providers now recognize registered psychotherapists and therefore will cover a portion of the sessions. (Please check with your provider.)

The Whitestone Clinic includes competitive rates that save an average of 25%-40% compared to the cost of similar services offered by conventional psychologists.

Payment is usually made at the beginning of a session and receipts are issued upon request.

Rates vary by therapist, be sure to verify the service fees during booking.

Payment & Insurance

Payments are automatically charged to your credit card or alternatively we accept debit, e-transfers (sent in advance), cash or cheques. Payment is due at the beginning of the session and receipts issued upon request.

Most therapists are psychologist supervised which means most insurance providers cover a portion of your sessions. Clients submit their receipts to their insurance provider for reimbursement. If a client is not covered by insurance, receipts can be submitted with all medical expenses when taxes are filed. Please note that you may need a doctor’s note dated before the services were provided to qualify.

We recommend you approach your HR or Union to ensure therapy by a Registered Psychotherapist is covered by your insurance provider. Please visit prpainfo.ca/resources for helpful suggestions.

canadian financial help for mental health therapy counsellingSpecial Financing Options Available for Clients

medicard financing for whitestone patientsTo make our programs more accessible, The Whitestone Clinic has partnered with Canada’s premier medical financing company, MEDICARD.

Medicard financing ensures that you don’t delay your therapy due to cost concerns.

To apply for Medicard, simply fill out the online application form. You may opt to request financing for a portion of a program or for a complete program. You will be asked to choose your ideal repayment terms. Once the application has been submitted, Medicard’s professional staff will notify you of the credit decision by phone.

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