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Sexual addiction, which may also be called hypersexuality, is suspected to affect as much as three to ten percent of the adult population. At Whitestone Clinic, and online, we offer sex addiction counselling and therapy for multiple types of sex addictions.

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Sexual behaviour is normal, and it is a part of life that can be considered both physically and emotionally rewarding.
Sexaul activity only poses itself as an addiction when it is associated with distress for the person doing the acts or puts
them at risk. Some of the common symptoms of sexual addictions are mentioned below.


Sexual activities impede upon living a regular life.


Intense sexual urges are a recurrent thing that happens over a span of time


The sexual urges sometimes stem from emotional triggers


The individual cannot control their sexual urges and make the best decisions

According to Psychology Today, it is fairly common for hypersexuality to have associations with the presence of other mood disorders, such as anxiety or clinical depression. Those who enter sex addiction therapy often find there are other emotions that can drive their compulsive sexual behaviours.

Different Types of Sex Addictions

Sex addiction is defined as engaging in sex or having sexual urges either physically or psychologically more than normal. While that is a textbook explanation, it really does not explain all the different ways a sexual addiction can present itself in an individual’s thoughts or behaviours.

Porn Addiction

Pornography is more accessible than ever, and it fuels a more modern type of sexual addiction because it can be kept private. There is a line when viewing porn becomes more like an obsession and less like normally seeking arousal. Usually, porn addiction is present if an individual seeks porn so often that it interferes with their relationships or effects their life negatively, but they cannot fight the urge to seek it.

Masturbation Addiction

Those who have hypersexuality may feel the need to masturbate on an excessive basis. Masturbation and porn addictions are often found together, but not always as both of these addictions are involving different actions.

Physical Sexual Encounter Addiction

This form of sex addiction is that which involves the act of seeking sex to feed those sexual urges without regard to your personal safety or how your behaviour is affecting others. Some people with a sexual addiction will rarely watch porn or masturbate; instead, they crave that consistent physical connection.


Unsure of whether or not you or a loved one may be struggling with a sex addiction? These valuable tools can help you get started.

If you can identify with 6 or more of the 20 collateral indicators, or have taken the PATHOS test and answeredyes to any of the questions, or think a loved one may fall into these categories, you or your loved one can benefit from varioussex addiction therapy options The Whitestone Clinic has to offer. Sex addiction can come in many forms, from compulsive sexual behaviour to becoming unfaithful. With individual, group and couples counselling, we are dedicated tofinding the right therapy for you to regain a happy, healthy life.


Specialized counselling is usually required to help an individual struggling with some type of sex addiction. It is not uncommon for a treatment plan to be diverse and include different methods to help with different symptoms. For example, a comprehensive sex addiction counselling plan may involve:

  • Teaching an individual how to manage stress and anxiety that triggers sexual urges
  • Examining the personal triggers the individual has the biggest problems with that often triggers their behaviours or actions
  • Understanding the root cause behind the addiction in the first place. Perhaps it is a response to a trauma or early exposure for example, or something that one might be trying to avoid when engaging in compulsive behaviour
  • Providing behavioural counseling to help an individual replace unhealthy behaviours with healthier ones
  • Treating an individual’s family unit through family counselling

Please Note: The Whitestone Clinic does not provide medical or psychiatric care, nor do we offer treatment or care for the issue of pedophilia.

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