Facing the Shadow Group for Sex Addiction Therapy


Facing the Shadow

Facing the Shadow (FTS) Group Therapy

for Sex Addiction or Porn Addiction

FTS is a Sex Addiction Group Therapy program for MEN-Only who believe they are addicted to sex in any form, including chasing new relationships or pornography viewing.

Using resources designed by Dr. Patrick Carnes, FTS is a 26-28 week program of 4-8 members, which uses the Task-Centered therapy approach to help you work on identifying your sexual arousal template and problematic behaviours and gives you tools to counter the temptations and work toward an integrated, healthy sexuality. New groups begin regularly.

FTS is moderated by a Whitestone Clinician with certification from International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP).


(Please contact us for more information about FTS  for WOMEN-Only.)