An addiction to pornography is a particularly insidious form of sexual addiction. Because it takes place alone and behind closed doors, its a comparatively easy problem to hide. Coming forward about a pornography problem, especially a stranger, is a difficult step that all who suffer from pornography addictions have to make. While Whitestone therapists may be strangers to you, they are not strangers to your problem. We can help. Reaching out to us is the hard part, but getting treatment isn’t. Find out how to solve this problem with Whitestone.

Pornography Addiction

Porn Addiction OttawaNot all sexual addictions take place in the light of day. Behind closed doors, pornography addiction afflicts thousands of people throughout Ottawa. Men and women young and old struggle with an apparently insatiable need to experience the dopamine release pornography gives them. Worse, they do so hidden from those around them, and are stuck contending with their problem alone.

Like anything that causes a release of dopamine, tolerances to stimuli grow, and addicts are forced to increase the intensity of their stimulus to get the high they’re looking for. Porn addicts do not have the convenience of simply ‘upping the dosage’ of their drug, so they turn to more obscure forms of pornography. Left alone long enough, porn addicts can find themselves needing to consume pornography they take no joy in observing, simply to experience the release of endorphins they rely on for normalcy in their lives. Post endorphin rush, they are then consumed with shame, and seek out more pornography to bury their shame in yet another rush. This is a dangerous cycle, but it can be broken with the right help.

Finding Help in Ottawa

Seeking help with respect to pornography addiction is often more difficult than dealing with the problem itself. There is a lot shame wrapped up around the thought of being honest with a stranger about the extents of a pornography problem, so it’s understandable why many choose to keep their problems private. Like jumping into a cold lake, those who take the jump into professional help tend to find that their actual experience is considerably easier than their fears would have them believe. The hard part is walking through the door, but once through you will find that you
are far from alone in dealing with this problem, and that much of what you thought was true about your problems and self is in fact false.

Porn Addiction OttawaThe Whitestone Clinic

You are not the first in Ottawa to walk through our doors with an addiction to pornography, and you will not be the last. We recognize that getting yourself the help you need appears almost inconceivably difficult, but you do not recognize the value that doing so can contribute to your life. If you or anyone you know in Ottawa is suffering from an addiction to pornography, get the help you need by getting in touch with Whitestone.