Family Therapy

Through family therapy, you and your loved ones will have a safe space to work on improving communication within your unit, as well as any other family-related issues you may be facing.
Family therapy treats the family as a system. Common issues can wreak havoc on once loving family relationships: conflicts arising from differences in cultural backgrounds, mismatched styles of communication or levels of comfort with conflict, and clashing views on child rearing practices. Unhealthy patterns of behaviour related to underlying issues, such as addiction, poor anger management, or unresolved grief from the loss of a loved one, place high levels of stress on the family unit, impairing interpersonal relationships within the family as a result.

Our family therapists provide a safe space where interested family members can work to improve lines of communication between members, and restore relationships stressed by misunderstandings and unresolved conflicts, or damaged by harmful interactions or patterns of behaviour. Family therapy helps your family restore empathy and supportive, loving family interactions, and support members struggling to ask for, offer, and accept, forgiveness for past harms done, in order to bring healing to damaged family relationships and restore the family to a strong, loving unit once again.

Gerard Vardy The Whitestone Clinic Ottawa Counsellor

Chelsea Vineyard, RP (Qualifying)

MA (Counselling Psychology)
Independent Contractor

Chelsea supports her clients in creating a safe and trustworthy environment. She works with her clients to manage their symptoms and improve daily functioning. As well, she works with her clients to create realistic goals. 

Chelsea Vineyard provides counselling services under the supervision of M. D. Presniak, Ph.D., C. Psych. Read more…

Gerard Vardy The Whitestone Clinic Ottawa Counsellor

Emerson Giraldo Estrada
MA, RP (Qualifying), SEP, ASAT, EMDR Trained
Independent Contractor

Emerson Giraldo Estrada offers individual, couple, and family therapy under the supervision of Dr. Martin Rovers, Registered Psychologist.

Emerson is an integrative counsellor that seeks to facilitate a flow that enables clients to process their own experiences in a warm, calm, and compassionate manner. Emerson has experience teaching and counselling children, teenagers, and adults, from his time working in Colombia, followed by his time in Italy, and then in Canada.  Read more…

Gerard Vardy The Whitestone Clinic Ottawa Counsellor

Elaine Conrad, RP

BA, B.Ed, M.Ed (Counselling Psych), CCTP, CCATP-CA, PACCP
Independent Contractor

With a love for helping families build satisfying relationships, Elaine focuses on attachment-based therapies using relationship building approaches such as Emotion Focused Therapy. Because she believes that everyone is unique, Elaine has spent much time learning various approaches to therapy so that she can serve her clients in whatever manner best suits their individual needs. She brings compassion, humour and a non-judgemental approach to each session.  Read more…