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Daniel Gilman speaker ottawa

Daniel Gilman is a victim’s advocate with the Whitestone Clinic, through which he educates and equips individuals, companies, and communities to become more safe and victim-centred. He provides engaging talks, sermons, workshops, and training sessions, both digitally and in-person.

Previously, he served as an apologist and itinerant speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. In this capacity Daniel gave talks across Canada on human dignity, justice, and human rights. 

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He served as the Director for Human Rights Issues at Canada’s Parliament, where he worked with more than a dozen MPs across partisan lines, on making a meaningful difference. Daniel’s mandate was to help politicians make a concrete difference against exploitation and abuse. He also served as the director for a parliamentary program designed to develop young leaders into effective policy makers, while remaining grounded in their character and faith. 

Daniel served as the interim Pastor for Young Adults at the Metropolitan Bible Church and previously served as an associate pastor at Church of the Messiah in Ottawa. He is passionate about blending expositional preaching and apologetics. As a pastor, Daniel saw first-hand the destructive impact that abuse has on women and men, who reached out for help.

For seven years Daniel served on the board of the National Prayer Breakfast, bringing together prime ministers, politicians, supreme court judges, ambassadors, business women and men, as well as pastors and innovators from across Canada and the globe. Daniel has traveled to London, England, Canberra, Australia, and Washington, DC, to exchange ideas one-on-one with members of cabinet, politicians, and their chief-of-staffs to discuss issues of abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking.

Daniel is a facilitator with VoiceFound, helping equip adults to protect children from sexual exploitation, and served for half a decade with MoveIn, a ministry where one moves into a broken neighbourhood to help their neighbours climb out of poverty.

Daniel has an MA in History from the University of Ottawa, where he studied how the gospel inspired the movement to end the slave trade. He has an Honours Bachelor of Arts in history and philosophy, also from the University of Ottawa and is completing graduate studies in theology from Ryle Seminary. 

He currently splits his time between the Whitestone Clinic and the Centre for Public Speaking, where he is a public speaking coach. 

Daniel Gilman was ordained by the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) in May 2019, and married his best friend, Alexandra Yakovelva, in June 2019.