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Contact:         Michael Browning, M.Div, MA, CCC, CSAT

*Dealing with the Ashley Madison Aftermath:*

*Help, Healing and Hope*

Carefree, AZ (September 3, 2015) – Ashley Madison’s very public data
breach has turned many people’s lives upside down.  As a result, people
risk losing their jobs, marriages and reputations. The aftermath of such
disclosure can be devastating to both the person seeking an extra-marital
relationship and the partner. Adding insult to injury, displaying that
infidelity in public brings humiliation to a whole new level.

“There is healing for those affected by Ashley Madison. Those willing to
walk the gentle path of recovery will find themselves surrounded by
qualified professionals to help guide the way. With their help, people can
begin the processes of transforming, moving from living in the negative
behavior and consequences to a place of hope and resilience.” said *Dr.
Patrick Carnes*, noted psychologist, and founder of the International
Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals.

The International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) and Gentle Path Press have qualified
resources available to help individuals, couples, and families. Our
website,, has numerous resources for individuals seeking
help overcoming sex addiction or sexually acting out behaviors and also for
partners or families that have been affected by the Ashley Madison hack.

We recommend the following for individuals affected by the Ashley Madison

1.    Identify the problem.

a.    Find out if there is a problem with sex addiction or sexually
compulsive behaviors. Not all people who have affairs are sex addicts.

i.    The Sexual Addiction
Screening Test (SAST) is a free confidential screening tool that helps identify whether
someone’s behaviors could be the result of a problem with sexually
compulsive behavior or sex addiction.

ii.    The Internet Sex Screening Test

(ISST) is a free, confidential screening tool that assists in identifying
whether someone’s online behaviors are at risk of jeopardizing important
areas of his or her life.


iii.    A report explaining the
results of each assessment is available immediately and clearly explains
the implications of an individual’s score.

b.    For the Partner or Spouse (including males, females, heterosexual or
homosexual partners, and those that are still involved in a relationship
with the addict, and those that have left the relationship), consider
taking a simple online assessment to determine how this experience has
directly affected your life.

i.    The Partner Sexuality Survey
looks at how sexually acting out behaviors impact partner.

ii.    At the end of the survey,
partners will receive a brief report that outlines areas of their sexuality
that may have been impacted by the addiction.

2.    Get qualified help.

a.   Connect with a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist
(CSAT®).  CSATs are specially trained therapists that have received
numerous hours of training and education to provide effective,
compassionate care to individuals struggling with acting out behaviors,
their partners, the couple, and the family.

3.    Knowledge is key.

a.    Recovery and healing are possible and Gentle Path Press is a great resource for self-help, workbooks
and recovery kits to assist individuals (partners included!) in overcoming
and healing from this traumatic experience.

b. is a new
website created specifically for individuals affected by the Ashley Madison
breach.  It offers links and advice for both the user and his/her partner.

*About the International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals

*Dr. Patrick Carnes created the International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals (IITAP) as an organization
to provide and manage the Certified Sex Addiction Training (CSAT®)
certification program for therapists. CSAT trained therapists are
specifically trained in treating problematic sexual behavior and trauma for
individuals directly or indirectly impacted by the addiction. IITAP
continues to work to train therapists all over the world so that there is
qualified CSAT trained help wherever someone is seeking it.
Visit or e-mail
<> for more information.*