At Whitestone Clinic we encourage clients to participate in TWELVE STEP groups. We consider our therapy approach as 12 step compatible. In anonymous 12 step groups like the original Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), or similar ones like Narcotics Anonymous (NA), CoDependents Anonymous (CoDA),  Sexaholics Anonymous (SA), Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA), or Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA), there is a format and procedure to the meetings. In most cases the group has no cross talk, meaning no one can comment or ask questions of someone who just shared. There are many advantages to regular attendance at a 12 step meeting and clients are encouraged to do so.

Not all 12 Step groups appear pro-therapy due to past personal experiences of some members. Due to their traditions they do not take positions on such matters and cannot formally endorse one therapy or group over others. The Whitestone Clinic takes the position that the more resources a person has working for them, the more likely they are to have positive results.